Cool Scrivener Fiction Template to Download and Use Today: Lester Dent’s Fiction Master Plot

Ray Bradbury and Write 1 Sub 1

So Last Night I created a simple Scrivener Fiction Template for Pulp Action Stories.

This year,  I decided to take part in the  +Write 1 Sub 1 challenge. It’s based On Ray Bradbury‘s early writing habits – Write one story a week and send one story out for publication. Do this for a year and you’ll get better at it.

But it’s been hard to keep up, and my writing muscles ain’t what they used to be after years of neglect. It’s been hard to write and easy to procrastinate.

 Enter Scrivener

 Scrivener Template Logo for SEO

Towards that end, I decided to try Scrivener so I could waste more time playing around instead of drafting. Scrivener, for those of you who don’t know, is a writing program designed for writers. I don’t want to call it a word processor even the publishers say it’s designed to Compile manuscripts for publishing and editing in external processors. But it’s about the best at what it does. I’ve used yWriter, Writer’s Dreamkit, StoryBlocks and other organizing and outlining software before. And in every case, the learning curve was steep and the programs were not flexible enough to match my writing style.

But Scrivener seems to be a different beast. It’s really easy to use. Like a lot of organizers, it uses the concept of breaking up you work into small chunks easily represented by notecards. But the note card organizer ( The cork board) and the meta-data editor( The Inspector) are very intuitive and pretty much invisible until you need to use them. Your project is kept in a “Binder” allowing you add, edit, reorder and change note cards to your heart’s content. Under your research folder you can add pictures, videos, sounds and web pages.

When it comes time to compile your book, you choose what folders and note cards to include. Decide what format you would like the finished product to be and “Bingo!”, Scrivener exports a pretty clean copy of the code. I’ve played with the Epub export, put it into Sigil to validate, and it’s a clean as anything.

Enter Scrivener Templates

And one of the most useful functions I’ve found is the Scrivener template. You can save a blank project for use as a Scrivener template with these text cards already set up the way you choose to organize your projects. So, if you have a set way or organizing your front matter, text and back matter, you can save it as a Scrivener template and begin every project the same way.

So last night I imported my novel, a couple of stories, and created this Scrivener Template version of the Lester Dent Master Fiction Plot.

Enter Lester Dent and the Master Fiction Plot

LEster Dent's Doc Savage

Lester Dent was the real name of Kenneth Robeson, the creator and writer of the classic Doc Savage stories. His Master fiction plot article is a short essay outlining a good 6,000 word pulp story. Sure, it’s a simple 3 act structure ( One 1,500 word set up, 2 1,500 word sections of rising action, and one 1,500 word climax and denouement.) but it’s entertaining and easy to understand.

And therefore, pretty useful to the aspiring writer.

And the Scrivener Fiction Template for your use:

Now, this was pretty easy. I took a short story template, and copied in the complete text of Dent’s article for review. Then, I split the article up into cards. simple, no?

What I ended up with is a simple Scrivener Fiction Template that helps you plot out a 6,000 adventure story.

Here’s the Link to the Lester Dent Master Fiction Plot Scrivener Pulp Template:–WbiwrHWeTZ1BIdUVXZEtmYmM&usp=sharing

I’ve also re-saved it as a Project. If the above doesn’t work, download the project folder, and “Save as Template” from the file menu in Scrivener:

Note: These files were created on Scrivener for Windows Demo, on a WIN8 machine. Previously, I had hosted them in Linux, and was having lots of issues with cross-compatibility. If these do not work, I’m Sorry.

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Update 11-27-15

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Hope you had a great Day with your Family and Friends, and Hope you have a pleasant weekend ahead of you. For the NaNos, Hope you’re looking to uncork the champagne, if you haven’t already, and if not, you have my condolences.

No Writing from me.

There was no Update last week: I’ve been working 50-60 hours a week at work, and really have just been stuck with my writing practice.

This week was more of the same. Even with the holiday, I have a project to complete for my boss this weekend and will be working straight OT, no Time-and-a-half. Which sucks. Big time.

So instead, allow me to vent a bit.

Goodbye to Gracie

Three weeks ago we said Goodbye to Amazing Grace, Our dog of 17 Years. She had arthritis in her hip from getting hit by a car 7 years ago, was suffering from urinary and fecal incontinence, and just hadn’t been herself for sometime. It was rough for everyone, and we’re still not used to not having her around.

Gracie was a rescue. Lorie was working as the Head Start Teacher contracted to a small ministry in town, and part of her duties was to ride home on the bus with the kids. Sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas, they stopped to pick up a small, six-week-old mutt they saw on the road. It had snowed, and the puppy was “stuck”, unable to leave the roadway and they were afraid she’d be hit by a car.

She was dark furred, and had floppy ears, and we thought she was a border collie. But as she grew, she matured into a shepherd mix. You know those generic tri-colored dogs in the background of Westerns and War Movies? That was Gracie.

She had been abused. Although she loved the girls.. I could let her out in the morning, watch her do her business, then call her in …and Nothing. She would sit and stare at me for hours, not trusting me at all. I could toss her a steak, and she’d sit there eyeballing it, then me, then back to the steak again, until Lorie or Jamie would give her the OK.



But she was a smart dog, and the sweetest gentlest soul. She would do anything for the girls. When Alex was born, we were a little worried about her behavior ( See the abuse, above) but she was kind and gentle and treated the baby like one of her own.

We kept her on a lead at the new house, but she would slip it if she got bored. One day, she got ran over in front of Jamie. She had gone on an investigation, and was coming home. Jamie was calling her, and a black SUV just ran her over and kept going. We got her to the vet,she was OK except for abrasions and a dislocated hip. Eventually, we needed to put a pin in her hip to allow it to heal, and she was fine, until the end.

Like a lot of elderly Dogs, it was a slow fade. Each month she’d have less energy, more pain. She started to get urinary incontinence, started to have trouble getting her bad hip under her. She’d have good days and bad days, and eventually, stopped having good days. Even then it was a tough decision. It was only when I realized I already missed the dog she was that I made it.

The vet was great, letting us be the last patient of the day, and allowing us the opportunity to pace the procedure. Gracie went to sleep softly and gently like always, surrounded by her family.

And on this Thanksgiving, I’m thankful I had the love of this dog, and that the Girls had a companion through some difficult times.


Next Week on Byzantine Roads:

Hopefully the status update next week will show some actual progress on the writing front.

Even with the OT and special project and holiday, this 4 day weekend opens up a lot of time. Also, I’ve got a day off Tuesday for a couple medical appoints for family, which makes for a busy, exhausting day, but isn’t work!

See you next week.



Status Update 11-13-15

Not much more to report. Work continues to be a bear. Besides the unlimited Overtime, I’ve had to start commuting back to the office in order to justify keeping the desk I don’t use because I don’t go into the office.

  • Continue drafting a new story- it’s slow. Can’t really call it “Flash Fiction.”
  • Began editing “Entomophobia” based on the comments on Scribophile
  • Finished “Illuminae“, a YA sci fi that caught my eye at B&N Last week. ( Link goes to amazon)
  • I’ve meant to write a dedicated post for Gracie, but am just not ready to yet. She was a good, sweet dog who meant a lot to all of us here, and it’s been rough.

And a couple web things:

Status Update 11-6-15

Again, not a lot to report.

Crunch time at work. Unlimited OT is the step right before Mandatory OT, so it’s best if I take advantage of it. Which crushed both the tie available and any initiative I had to work on my own projects.

I was working on one of the two pseudonymous works this week, but did not get a lot of headway

Started a Cookbook for no reason other than I wanted somewhere to put a couple of recipes. So there’s that.

Healthwise, I continue to make slow and steady progress. BP is still high, but I lost another 2 pounds over the last three weeks.

Emotionally, this is going to be a bad week. At work, I have to start going into the office again after Working at home for a couple of years, hopefully on a temp basis, but it seems like things continue to evolve in a way that’s not good.

Also, tonight we’re saying goodbye to Amazing Grace after 17 years. She was hit by a car several years ago, and now the damage and pain are getting too much for her. She no longer has the strength to get her feet under her and needs lifted off the floor. She’s also getting fecal and urinary incontinence. I promised Jamie I’d make sure she was here when she visited in August, but we had house sitters that threw her schedule off, so she was having bad days the whole time Jamie was here. Since then, she’s had good days and bad days, with the good days getting further and further apart. She will be missed.


HAppy HAlloween!


Status Update 10-30-15

Happy Halloween!

Not much to report this week. Under the weather. Quite literally as a storm went through ans set off an RA flareup. Got neither reading nor writing done.

Also work has been a challenge this week. I have a feeling if this keeps up much longer I’ll have plenty of time to work on my writing, even if it’s just resumes.

I did post the flash fiction I did for the Scribophile Horror! group’s Halloween Contest, so there’s that/

Have a safe and Happy Holiday Everyone!