Family Trip to Imaginary London

The Family and I at COSI’s Sherlock Holmes Exhibition. As fas as traveling Science Exhibitions, this was one of the Better ones. Nice use of Artifacts and story telling. Really fun, even if light on the Cumberbatch. First room, Conan Doyle and the true life Inspirations. Second Room, the underground Arcade, where a variety of exhibits led you through Victorian Tech and Society, leading to a coded message from Sherlock to meet him At Baker Street…


Then A quick jaunt to the crime scene to collect clues. And a trip around London to perform experiments in Blood Splatter analysis, Botany, Tracks and Deductive reasoning., before having the mystery revealed ( A Little Unsatisfying ending, as it was mostly just assuming LeStrade’s analysis was incorrect every time, but hey…) Then a quick Movie Prop and Cultural History Exhibit, and A gift shop, where our visit was commemorated. Ah, Family Memories


BAker Slaughter

( Yes, Same Photo with Green Screen Backdrop.)…


Hi! How ya all Been Doing?

Well,, you can see I’ve totally nuked the site.

I Was threatening to do it, and finally decided what the heck. It wasn’t you, it was me.

See, five years ago I had a fight with my family and got estranged from them. My wife Got laid off, my eldest daughter went to college, and I was suffering from depression. It was too much. Much, much, too much. I took it out as abuse on my family, and spent months and evenings here in the office, pretending to work on my writing.

You all know what was really happening, Don’t you? Reddit. Facebook. Reddit. Twitter, GReader. Reddit. It wasn’t fun, but like alcohol or drugs, it was numbing. It almost destroyed my relationship with my wife, and hurt my daughters. In the interim, Just know that we all received counseling: we all kept our little nuclear family together. I’ve started Meditation after CBT, and have found that the mindfulness really helps to break destructive patterns of behavior. Breaking these patterns makes me happier.

There’s a lot more personal information, a lot of stuff I won’t disclose without permission from my Wife and Children, but it took a long time to get back to where I wanted to participate with my online communities again., It took a long time to where I was comfortable writing again.

So here I am. Back and ready for this years NaNoWriMo. I know, I should be beyond this at this point. But I’m not. I’s is got to start rebuildin’ somewhere.

Now, techs changed a lot since Byzantine Roads was supposed to be ” The Independent Writer’s Tech Support.”

First, everyone is getting real familiar with Scrivener, Amazon, Smashwords, Nook and all the rest.

Second, it seems like every writer, every get-rich-quick content marketer, every shady PLR publisher and Entrepreneur has books on how-to and why-to and why-not and can-do publishing. That ship has sailed.

So I’m just going to have fun instead. This is my place, you’re most very welcome to subscribe to the RSS or Email newsletter and hang on, but I’m just going to be sharing my writing and some web pages Docs and what not.

Hope you stick around.