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Status Update 4-3-16


Well, I meant to do this on the 20th, Lorie’s Birthday, and I meant to do it last weekend on Easter, and I meant to do sometime during the last week so it wasn’t 3 weeks since posting, but… Took a big step towards joining the LitYounsgstown community and actually […]

I Voted GOP For the First Time Ever


I live in the Rust Belt town of Youngstown Ohio. Rust Belt Means ex-manufacturing, which means Union, which means Democrats ruled. We’ve never had a real organized, Republican party in my area. Yeah, sure, they offer up sacrificial candidates, businessmen that run on a platform of “See how bad it […]

Status Update 3-13-16


And Away We Go: OT Is over at Work! OT is over at Work! We’re finally caught up, and for the next few weeks at least, will be on a regular schedule. Concurrent with that, finally got the promotion to Salaried position I was promised over two years ago. What […]

Review: Vacancy By Bryan Coburn


Title: Vacancy Author: Bryan Coburn Genre: Horror Publisher: Self Published Release Date: August 17,2015 Format: Kindle Pages: 213 Pages Source: Martin is a dedicated employee at The Grand Summit Place Hotel. After a pandemic virus strikes, he watches helplessly as his co-workers become ill, and guests stop arriving. In […]