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Firefox Novel Writing Collection

A short and sweet  collection of add-ons for Firefox to keep you productive: Download the entire Collection Here This list includes 13 downloads I use on pretty much a daily basis: After-the-Deadline: Grammar and Spell Checker. I don’t know how much I actually use this anymore as it has been […]

Status Update 4-28-16


I’m going to try to get this done a couple days early ( Edit-Nope). Writing: Nope. I Got No Time for a Summer Friend, as the song goes. With Brother-in-law in the rehab hospital fighting several infections as well as the cancer, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. Things […]

Status Update 4-16-6


Running to 5 different rooms in three different hospitals to Take care of a sick family member finally did me in. I started running a fever on Wednesday night and called off on Thursday. I decided the fever broke and went into the office on Friday, only to have the […]

Status Update 4-10-16

So, A productive week all around for a change. I mentioned earlier there was a big health scare last week. It ended up with a family member in the ICU, and going to need long term care. While this crisis ate up a lot of time, it resolved a lot […]

Update 3/5/16


Ugh. So, let’s get through this, shall we? Hurt my back. Slipped in a parking lot before the snow hit, decided I wasn’t hurt bad enough so I shoveled the 9 inches of snow off the driveway. Then the next day, after deciding I had better take it easy, slipped […]